Monday , 24 July 2017
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Tattoo Prank


  1. lol haha

  2. ha ha ha ha not funny it is LOL!

  3. Just man who want smile more)

    0:56 dad steps back cuz is scared of mum :D:D:D:D

  4. Your moms reaction tho

  5. Adventure Creeper

    There is nothing wrong with a tattoo I am a Christian and didn't see anything in the bible about that?

  6. ChaoticZ Inferior

    You know what else is in the bible, don't fucking hurt your family xD

  7. YO mam is about to bet yo ass

  8. ))))that's very funny. looks like my family

  9. Your mom Is stupid agruing just over a ugly tattoo I hate your mother

  10. deji is so funny hahaha lol good prank

  11. Deji's dad: Dragons are strong! HAHAHAHA

    btw, i'm impressed with ur mother's knowledge about Bible :)

  12. Christians getting so much hate now. I'm just sitting back, laughing at their reaction.

  13. when she started quoting the bible, you knew he was done lol

  14. hi

  15. 'you're a disgrace to the family, im going to tell david about this' I swear family business can never stary between family in an african household lol!

  16. 0:08 what are thoooooooooooooosee!

  17. she slapt him

  18. hey you have the eyes of my probation officer

  19. PLUS 1 n64 games in the background

  20. Medival ass druglord

    Is this guy funny or something?

  21. I would sooo eat that sushi…

  22. I just wanted to see the octopussy one thats all

  23. Maybe the baby was big so they called it a butterball. As in butterball turkey?

  24. in all these tattoos someone thought these up. wow.

  25. have the rest of you noticed how unicorns are all "white"

  26. některé ty obrázky jsou moc pěkně některé se mi nelíbí

  27. Jamia&justice Davis

    somebody has a crack tattoo on there arm

  28. on the unue corn obe # iT WAS ON HIS ASS

  29. No it's crawlingin the pussy

  30. Hes racist for a tattoo saying white power? When mexicans have brown pride and blacks have black power tattoos but none of them are racist LMAO

  31. ashley dallas Foot

    i think i love you

  32. AND my brother has a tattoo around his dick and the tattoo is a elephant and his dick is the trunk

  33. he sould do a vid on tattoos young vs old

  34. He is weird himself, wearing winter hat and shirt

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