Thursday , 27 July 2017
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  1. BlackRose rosales

    were do you buy that?

  2. Can you please tell me how long to leave the tatu derm clear patch on? My artist said 5 days but that seems like a long time for the tat not to be cleaned or "aired out" …I am concerned. He did not give me another patch…should I leave in on for 5 days?? Please advise. Thank you!!!

  3. To remove Tatu-derm start by peeling the film on the edges. Avoid stretching the skin. Peel the film back over itself, not away from the body. Go slowly. The adhesive will not stick to the tattoo because it is moist. It sticks to dry skin. Once Tatu-derm is removed you can proceed with your preferred topical care product.

  4. It's important to apply Tatu-derm within an hour of completing the tattoo. The medical grade adhesive forms a waterproof barrier on the dry skin around the tattoo. The new tattoo is moist and the adhesive does not stick to moist skin. If you wait, the tattoo will dry and the adhesive will stick. First application right away, remove it and apply the second application in 12 to 24 hours. After that, once there is no fluid build up day 2 or 3 you can keep it on a few days. call with ?? 408-891-8181

  5. Also how do you remove the film?

  6. Im going away for christmas with my family some where down south im guessing costa rica. Im planning on getting a tattoo on the 10th of december, I dont know the exact date we are travelling but can I travel with it? how long do I wait before getting it wet? can I apply tatu-derm to it if it's a week old?

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