Monday , 24 July 2017
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Tattoo Aftercare


  1. My favourite tattoo aftercare products are Superdrug Anti-bacterial Handwash liquid soap and Palmer's Fragrance Free Cocoa Butter Formula and Bepanthen. I haven't tried After Inked, but it sounds really good as it brightens up older tattoos and it's also vegan friendly and cruelty free. :)

  2. I'm allergic to dial soap, a good replacement I use is Lush's It's Raining Men soap. It has honey which is antibacterial but is still super soothing. Granted, nothing is better than a true antibacterial, but if you're like me it's always good to have another option

  3. Maria Victoria Jimenez

    love your body mod videos . Im stoked to see how the new tattoos turn out! :)

  4. Thanks for the video i will definitely be purchasing that sunscreen! Quick question. Do you always have to wash your tattoo before applying moisturizer (lotion/a&d/aquaphor) or can you just put some on when it feels dry without re-washing? I just got mine about 4 days ago.

  5. Tattoos are disgusting.

  6. Thank you so much it really help me a lot 🙂 and ur supper cute btw my dream girl

  7. I ADORE your tattoos! <3 I subbed instantly! I’ve just uploaded a tattoo video as well, do you mind checking out my channel? It’d mean a lot! xx Sophie <3

  8. I just got my first tat and I've been doing all the instructions that my artist told me to do,i even looked up other people's method of aftercare and they all seem just about the same. The area around my tattoo started to acne up and it's really worrying me. Idk if it's the fact that the aquaphor is so darn difficult to wash off that my pores clog up or the fact that I'm using the bar version of the soap you're using. I'm just throwing ideas out there, please help? 

  9. Can you just use Dish washing soap and some Vaseline??

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