Monday , 24 July 2017
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Shading Techniques for a Color Tattoo



  2. i enjoy these vids they make me more secure about my stuff AND AS FOR U GUYS KNOCKING HIM HES PROBABLY FORGOT MORE THEN U GUYS NO ..

  3. his lines are so crooked it's terrifying.

  4. Luciano “mobast74” Stica

    Credo fermamente che questo tattoo faccia cagare a spruzzi…e sono stato gentile

  5. This video really helped me out, I learned alot from it. Thanks

  6. regarde ta ligne du haut mec , elle ne se rejoingne meme pas , tatoueur en carton .
    passe a la maison je te donne quelques cours si tu veut mec ?????
    ne pas se faire tatouer par ce mec , error !!!!

  7. lol

  8. the lines are shit this guy has been fucking peoples skin for 40 years thats sad

  9. this was great vary helpful.

  10. this was great vary helpful.

  11. Cassandra Te Rito

    very helpful thanx for the time on doing videos

  12. Shitty line work!!! Time to retire bud

  13. shit

  14. for the people that are batching about the lines being sloppy just think of one thing and that's the fact the gent doing the work is letting people know of a technique to shade for free… put your work on and let's all take a look at the superior lines you can do. The gent isn't a 30 yr old so it's not going to be as smooth and plus what flower do you see that has a perfectly smooth curve????? if the lady lakes it who cares what anybody else thinks!

  15. shading this guy needs to learn how to outline them lines are really bad.

  16. sending love to the hot chick lol,, very informative video, one of the better ones ive seen

  17. Wow if my line work was as bad as this, my boss would probably kick me out, and I'm an apprentice!

  18. i hate those no it all smart wannabe mutha fuk .iam a pro artist coming frum nyc in a legit shop .i say every little thing u pick up frum vids that can help do it up man and hey we scratched sumtime so dnt think u were born knowing shit let the new jacks have a chance and i thought the vid was pretty cool he took his time to teach u sumthing

  19. @scriptasassin on instagram if you need tattooing info hes really nice and will help you and his work speaks fr him

  20. Esmeralda Sanchez

    I'ma look more I to it to see if it's worth buying it

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  22. Are you sure the cheyenne has a maxon motor? cheyenne says something else, in the cheyenne machines there is a faulhaber motor.

  23. Bro i ant going to lie but i fucken love your videos they helped me out alot on building my tattooing skills thank you so much much love 

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