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LACEnano Rotary Tattoo Machine – Assembly and Operation


  1. This machine is awesome I am using it everyday and it is everything it says it is. It really is light as a feather yet can be very hard hitting. It is completely adjustable with both give and stroke the stroke goes from 0 to 6 mm, and the give from solid as a rock to light as a feather with just a few turns of a knob on the fly. Excellent machine, very impressed. To the person who claims this is a John Clark rip off, what rubbish, this machine is far superior to John Clarks, it uses a brushless powerful motor where Clark uses a normal huge brushed motor, the nano is small , light and professional looking, Clarks are huge, heavy and look home made. So get your facts right.

  2. Muy bonitas maquinas

  3. I in Vietnam years and then how to buy and how long

  4. can this be used for lining and shading and how much to uk?? look good

  5. pop-up thinking: intelligence in every detail designed. I'm fall in love with this !

  6. pobres zurdos

  7. what is the warranty?

  8. Pre ordered my 2 yesterday. Can't wait!

  9. lace nano how can I order one of your tattoo machines?

  10. How much is the actual price?

  11. Chavalitas. Ni muy muy ni tan tan 


  13. Thanks for posting. I learnerd all of this through my apprenticeship but I like your video for little tips like two rubber bands instead of one. Also, I wanted to give kudos for the accuracy and health precautions. Scratchers and ignorance are destroying our beloved industry. But, atleeast you are attempting to properly educate.

  14. I would like to understan better so would you write your email adress

  15. Are those sterile gloves … or just latex from a box? because then you touching that needle at this point doesn't really matter now does it?

  16. the diff. between liners and shaders is spring tension. it has nothing to do with throw thats all you change by adjusting the contact screw you cant just take a liner make the gap bigger an call it a shader id love to see you shade with that

  17. looks good sounds good ready to go ????? tune you'r machine bro and stop messin wit ink cap holders

  18. I just got a kit and I'm so eager to learn. I don't really want to be a tattooist per say, I have just always been fascinated and want to learn everything. I might change my mind if I get really really good, but I just want to learn right now. these videos have already shown me a lot. No tattoo studios were willing to teach me anything even when I offered to do stuff like work for free on my days off just cleaning and stuff. so I'm just doing a trial and error thing. I refuse to do actual tattoos but have used the hell out of practice skins. lol

  19. why does everyone have to bash someone that is wanting to start of to be a tattoo artist…you have to think that back in the day like 40-50 yrs ago did they have license?? no I don't think so…

  20. Erkan Nehir (Aircon) Tattoo Artist

    3:10 What is traditional V shape????

  21. hate how people think they know more then others everyone learns there own way the first person to ever do a tattoo who taught him ? its all up to that person to do his research stop trying to put people down everyone starts somewhere

  22. Alvaro “autobot” Agudo

    hello this video is better then one in my kit .the only question I have is does the needle brand matter cause it not doing good lines

  23. Tatto shops now a days are All about profits not Art.

  24. Doubling the rubber band and putting the volts to 8.5 you're going to burn someone up man.

  25. Don't listen to all these shop artists saying you need an apprenticeship, If you're determined,clean,practice & practice with willing participants, do it from home!!!, Here in the UK some tattooers are trying their damnedest to get artists banned from tattooing from home, if you're CLEAN then there is fuck all anyone can do, period… The shop Tattooers are basing their hate campaign on Ones talent,as with their own ego, well talent is endless motherfuckers….

  26. Thank you for the basic set up. My "beginner kit" was sent with a bad instructional video. Yeah I know. But my wife bought it for me as she has been trying to get me in to tattooing since we got married twelve years ago, and she found out I was an artist. Though I have been fairly scared to ever try since it was a medium I'd never worked with. I'm not someone who is looking to be some kitchen tattooist, I just like working in as many mediums as I can. Once again thanks for posting that video.

  27. I got my apprenticeship in prison… my work is better than any random tattoo shop you can find 

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