Thursday , 27 July 2017
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How to set up your tattoo machine [HD]


  1. First…YouTube have a ANGEL VOICE…
    thank you very very very much for your video, it was great, it helps a lot someone to understand how a tattoo machine works , and because I am a curios guy I love it …thank you again

  2. I'm working on a digital art piece depicting a tattoo machine and have been searching for clarification on how the power is attached. After two days, I found this video! Thank you so much!

  3. what if the needle on top, golden one, makes sparkles? it does make the sounds, but the needle isn't running?

  4. So freaking helpfullllll. Thank you

  5. Very helpful, thank you for taking time to make this easy to follow tutorial!

  6. I cannot get the machines to work. I do everything and adjust the pin from barely touching to pressing hard against the spring. I have no idea what's going wrong!

  7. thank you, very big help

  8. are the pirate face coils on the machines made in china??

  9. you sound like a powerpuff girl, but your tutorial is the best on here.
    thank you – especially the last part. that fucking annoyed me.

  10. do not buy these machines …. they are chinese knock offs i bought a kit and none of the machines stood the test of time,,,, they over heat like a motherfucker and its a total waste of money …

  11. I LOVE YOU!

  12. lol sexy voice, a lot of "tight" "holes" "slide it in carefully" "put it on the nipple", seriously nice tutorial thanks.

  13. Amazing Video! thanks

  14. Thank you a ton!

  15. Very helpful c: 

  16. imagine how sexy this girl is!!!! what tattoo setup? damn sexy voice!!!!!!!!!

  17. love ur voice

  18. thanks a lot! (you have sexy voice by the way)

  19. This is a simple video showing newbies how to power up tattoo machine since their kits don't come with instructions nor does the box indicate where to plug in what it doesn't teach tattooing so no need to get worked up

  20. Excellent toot thnx so much im doing my first tat tonight!

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