Thursday , 27 July 2017
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How To Make A Temporary Tattoo


  1. or phone number

  2. anybody has whatssapp here

  3. can u use baby oil

  4. Considering my deodorant is left in the warmest and sunniest room of my house I don't think I'll need to light it up lol

  5. is there a way that i can do it with soap and water

  6. how long do these last?

  7. Coolboy12 Hasnainali

    can we use something else from deodorant or sanitizers

  8. what is the blue bottle you burn

  9. what do you call that waxchdf

  10. how much days it lasts?

  11. how long will this tattoo last

  12. I'm 15. I won't get into some kind of trouble right? just making sure cause I REALLY WaNT ONE

  13. any deodrant is fine

  14. good one was that a deodrant

  15. and what the f does "not to realize here showed" mean. come on man

  16. why cant you just talk dude damn

  17. can you do it with a different material instead of deodorant

  18. If you did words, you would have to write them on the paper backwards right?

  19. can we use a conventional highlighters ??

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